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How to Play the Improv Game Surprise Guests

Step by step instructions to Play the Improv Game Surprise Guests Estimate whos coming to supper? The Surprise Guest comedy game is played by four individuals, with the help of the remainder of the crowd in proposing interesting personalities for the visitors. Three entertainers will showcase the jobs of visitors and a Host will attempt to think about what those jobs are. This comedy game can be utilized as a carefree show practice or a showy gathering action. It functions admirably in a homeroom circumstance. It can likewise be utilized as a gathering game if your group of friends incorporates the individuals who appreciate comedy exercises. The three visitors and the Host get the chance to practice their comedy aptitudes while the crowd can make the most of their shenanigans. The game takes under 10 minutes to set up and perform, making it a great ice-breaker movement for a gathering or gathering. Set up for Surprise Guests One individual volunteers to play the Host role.The Host leaves the room.Three entertainers fill in as the Surprise Guests.Each Surprise Guest asks the crowd, Who am I? The crowd concocts a job for every one of them to play.As with any comedy game, urge the crowd to produce imaginative proposals; outlandish should as much as possible. Models Visitor #1: An astronautâ with a serious dread of heightsGuest #2: An over-worked and irritable mythical person from Santas toy shopGuest #3: A plastered Queen Elizabeth The Rules When the Guests have been set up, the Host returns and the comedy game starts. To begin with, the Host emulates preparing for the gathering, at that point Guest #1 thumps on the entryway. The Host lets him/her inside and they start to associate. Another Guest will show up in about 60â seconds so that in a fast measure of time the Host will interface with three diverse visitor characters. The Host needs to make sense of the character of every Guest. Be that as it may, this isnt only a speculating game. The Guests should offer attentive pieces of information that become increasingly more evident as the comedy game proceeds. The primary concern of the action is to create humor and to create particular, bizarre characters. Have a great time! What's more, recollect, this and some other clarification of a comedy game is only an outline. Don't hesitate to add your own style to make it work best for your dramatization homeroom, theater troupe, or comedy party. Tips You may need to incite the crowd to get great proposed jobs for the visitors. Utilize the three recommendations so they comprehend that the visitors need to have a forceful passionate component to their character. The game wont be as fun on the off chance that they are basically mimicking a big name or showcasing a run of the mill calling. The blends ought to be a touch of amazing or unusual. This will give the visitors the best signals to play with and focuses they can hit for jokes and cleverness. The reason for existing is to have a great time instead of to stump the host, so the zanier the blends, the better.

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Managing International Business In China -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Examine About The Managing International Business In China? Answer: Presentation Internet business is one of the most discussed business word since a decade ago, a great deal of credit can be given to to take online business to the statures imagined and ought to be acknowledged for beginning something so important for the whole world. is one of the biggest online commercial center associating purchasers and dealers (Bhatt, Patel, Chheda Gawande, 2015). The organization which was begun at the rear of a carport route in 1994 by the current visionary Jeff Bezos now has risen as the biggest web based business player in the market. Amazon was propelled at first as an online book shop, hardly any years after the fact the organization forayed into DVD, Games, Lifestyle, Clothing, Consumer strong, web administrations and so forth, the organization as of now brags of more than a great many items recorded on its site, finely curated to make simple perusing for its customers(Smith, Rupp Offodile, 2017). The organization works through three portions ove r the globe; North America, International and Amazon web administrations. One of the most shocking highlights of Amazons plan of action is that it works on Marketplace model, which implies that it doesn't hold or control any stock of its own; it just gives a stage where the venders can offer their great to the purchasers (Kristensen, Penner, Nguyen, Moy Lam, 2017) Amazon earned income of 136 Billion in the year 2016 and it representatives over lakh individuals working in its workplaces which are arranged across 13 regions, despite the fact that the organization ships item in just about 185 nations and vendors from more than 100 nations list their item on its site (Chen Wilson, 2016). It is actually an unthinkable errand to try and envision how the organization easy works its business activity which is spread across such a large number of nations, notwithstanding the plenty of nations the organization is working in, Amazon despite everything stay one of the most esteemed and client driven organization on the planet. How much ever the opposition might be rising, Amazon consistently pulls out accepted procedures to charm the clients and its predictable advancement in improving the client care keeps its way in front of all its competitors(Schmidlin, 2014). Amazon has been additionally making gigantic commitment to the world by its cloud administra tions, likewise called as Amazon web administrations, is obviously significantly greater than the Microsoft (Schein, 2017) The reason for the report here is to do a near investigation of how Amazon is contending in the market and comprehension of its serious position. The report will likewise feature how Amazon is utilizing its serious edge to give extra advantages to its clients and still continue its situation of pioneer. The report will likewise feature the difficulties organization faces or has been looking in its whole excursion while exchanging across fringes. In the period of globalization, when the whole world is open at a tick, there still are difficulties in setting up a business in different nations. PESTLE investigation will help in understanding the different large scale ecological powers to consider while assessing business opportunity. Toward the finish of the report certain procedures will be prescribed to Amazon on the most proficient method to upgrade its current business and keep up the serious edge over its rivals. Serious Position In a world with a populace of 7billion, where the web infiltration is just about 51 %( 3.65 Billion), web based business area will undoubtedly develop at a humongous rate. The present market projection for the development in online business is required to be around 20% CAGR, which suggests there is a colossal undiscovered market as are the regions of improvement(Turban, Outland, King, Lee, Liang Turban,2017) A plenty of players are working in the web based business part, some of whom are a solid rivalry to Amazon. The organization has been utilizing the intensity of enhancement system, which can be seen from its various enthusiasm by venturing into the web based gushing business sector, producer of buyers gadgets, for example, Firefly and Echo and a sizable expansion of Amazon web administrations. Further, Porters 5 power model will help in seeing how the organization is working and keeping its serious edge in this advancing business sector. Watchman examination is a genuine impression of Amazons contending methodology since its reality in the web based business advertise; the model is talked about in the later segment of the report, featuring its viability in going up against the market powers and rivalry (Soper, 2016) Certain players like Flipkart in India, E-Bay in the USA and different nations, Alibaba, Paytm are significant contenders of Amazon. The organization needs to remain on its feet consistently to support its built up position of pioneer. It has been in the news as of late that Wal-Mart, the biggest retail player is hoping to enter in the internet business market, and this will additionally increase the opposition (Christin, 2015). The web based business showcase basically obliges the B2C client section which incorporates the online retail and shopping. In one of the ongoing examinations led by Rauken (Marketing office) in 2016, around 1.61 billion individuals from over the globe bought merchandise internet producing an all out turnover of 1.9 Trillion USD. On the off chance that at all projections are a sign the online business showcase is touted to hop to 4.06 trillion by 2020.All these realities consequently suggests the extension and the regularly expanding rivalry to increase a siz able pie of the internet business advertise (DaCosta, 2016) Amazon has an alternate way to deal with enter universal market, the technique of the organization is to Go worldwide and think nearby, the organization redoes its item and administrations to more readily suit the local market. It directs a natural examination which causes the organization to characterize its advertising blend. Deciding the 7P of advertising is half employment done, the other half is finished by dissecting the opposition in the market, comprehend the item offering of the present specialist organizations and afterward fill the lacunae in the current market offering. So as to stay serious in the market, Amazon centers around the separation and cost initiative procedure. Cost authority encourages the organization to give the items in any event rate, and differentiator methodology causes the organization to offer separated administrations. Amazon prime, Amazon web administrations Online supermarkets are a portion of the case of its separated strategy(Steenkamp, 2017). Alibaba V/s Amazon-Competitive investigation Alibaba and Amazon are without a doubt the two biggest internet business organizations on the planet. In spite of the fact that, if numbers must be accepted, Amazon is route in front of Alibaba due to its worldwide development business procedure, and market predominance in the US and other huge markets. Another separating factor between both the organizations is its web stages, Amazon is a shut framework which oversees everything identified with the stockroom, providers, clients and the coordinations. Then again, Alibaba is an open stage which offers capacity to singular partners. Consequently, it very well may be seen that Alibaba needs to enable the individuals who are enrolled on the stage, while Amazon needs to control the equivalent to convey most extreme profitability to the clients(Choi, 2017). Jeff Bezos, who is viewed as one of the best visionary of its occasions was in every case away from the way of thinking for Amazon. He needed Amazon to be recognized as client driven association, an association which concentrates all its activity, strategies and techniques around its clients. The equivalent is exceptionally obvious by its superb client assistance, regardless of the limitlessness of the business; it always remembers to focus on even its littlest client. Amazons evaluating, conveyance, client assistance is both great and in a fitment with client looking for values. Amazon is truly fixated on the valuing, the nature of items and subsequently keeps not very many providers and keeps up an extremely severe seller choice procedure (Allen, 2015) Alibabas business procedure is increasingly focussed on being a cost head, it puts stock in giving the least cost items to the clients, which is likewise the USP of the organization. Consequently, in understanding to the Porters nonexclusive upper hand, the organization has picked cost initiative as the suitable procedure towards business maintainability. Despite what might be expected, Amazon centers around Cost initiative and gets separation its administrations by including administrations like Amazon prime, Amazon music, one day conveyance gurantee and some more. The organization is focussed on the expansive market, in this manner it bodes well to be a cost chief and keep its item and administrations profoundly differentiated(Li, 2018). Plans of action Alibaba in the USA has been most popular for their B2B stage which associates the Chinese producers to organizations, and is enrolled as, yet the magnificence is that it doesn't make sizable income from US or some other market indeed. Alibaba has been making practically 80% of its cash from the Chinese market alone now that is something to be extremely pleased with. Taobao which is a division of Alibaba is the place they make larger part of the cash. The model of Taobao is like E-Bay, where the organization permits private ventures and shoppers to list their merchandize available to be purchased. Taobao shopping center, another incredible division of Alibaba has a plan of action like that of Amazon, it additionally doesn't hold any stock and just interfaces the purchasers with venders (Viswanadham, 2017). It is actually a modest representation of the truth to state that the Chinese market is overwhelmed by Alibaba, in light of the fact that the business which Amazon does from USA advertise is no place really near what Alibaba makes from just the China market(Ojha, 2016) Amazon as has been said before works on a commercial center where outsider players sell their merchandise on its foundation .Recently Amazon has additionally been putting away and fabricating a portion of the items out of its unimaginable line of stock and is straightforwardly contending with the players who are selling on its site. Amazon and Aliba

A Model of Christian Charity by John Winthrop Essay free essay sample

Winthrop’s and his individual Puritan’s reason for heading off to the New World was to fabricate a general public with its establishment profoundly established in solid, dedicated Christian qualities and thoughts. He needed to assemble a network with a built up common government, yet more critically, a religious government, where their contract to God was total. On the off chance that they broke their contract they accepted there would be desperate outcomes. One of the normal subjects that one can see from the content is this, one must love their neighbor, be it companion or adversary, and respect surrounding them all together for their New World to flourish. This was what Winthrop expressed was a piece of their contract with God. He expresses this obviously when he says the statement, â€Å"†¦we must bring into natural and consistent practice; as in this obligation of affection, we should cherish thoughtful without dissimulation, we should adore each other with an unadulterated heart intensely. We should bear one another’s burdens†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Winthrop guides his kin in cherishing one’s neighbor, yet in addition in adoring God by putting his will before their own. Thusly, the Lord will give them more kindness. In the content, Winthrop stated, â€Å"Therefore let us pick life, that we and our seed may live, by complying with His voice and severing to Him, for He is our life and our thriving. † What he is stating is deciding to obey God is the way in to the achievement and opportunity they long to have by moving to the New World. Winthrop worries all through the content cultivator significant adoring and obeying God is for their prosperity. Through his significant words, Winthrop trained his kindred Puritans to be liberal in their affection for God. A piece of cherishing God was doing every one of that was asked of them by the Lord. Once more, he ties their affection for God to cherishing each other by expressing it is asked of them by God and in doing what God asks will along these lines assist them with making progress in the New World. He likewise inferred that their prosperity was without a doubt in God’s will, yet he additionally clarified that by not meeting up and by not obeying God to assemble such a radiant life as God proposed, they can't and won't endure. Winthrop’s central matter in his message was that by giving all the wonder to God, cherishing God with your whole existence, and adoring each other as you love God, would be the manner by which they made due in the New World. They were to keep God’s name in all that they did in light of the fact that God was total and should be complied, and in the event that they didn’t obey God, their disappointment was famous. Winthrop says in his lesson, â€Å"†¦but on the off chance that we disregard the perception of these articles which are the closures we have propounded, and camouflaging with our God, will tumble to grasp this current world and indict our cardinal expectations, looking for extraordinary things for ourselves and our flourishing, the Lord will doubtlessly break out in anger against us, and be vindicated of such a people, and make us recognize what the cost of the penetrate of such a contract. Winthrop was stating that, as a network, in the event that they defied God they wouldn’t make it to the New World, not to mention be fruitful there. Winthrop closed his message with a rundown of what he had at first expressed all through the lesson, yet contributed some extremely sig nificant words. He said that he needed New England to be the guide for the manors and the states that succeeded from there on. Winthrop needed New England to be called â€Å"the city upon a hill†. He imagined a â€Å"perfect† society under God. Winthrop’s feelings toward the New World, what we presently call America, is that of flawlessness under the laws of God. Essentially, on the off chance that you obey God, your general public and its kin would be profoundly preferred and ensured by God. I, notwithstanding, don't share these equivalent suppositions toward my nation as Winthrop did his New England. As I would like to think, God doesn’t simply demonstrate favor to a solitary country dependent on the whole nation’s dutifulness. I accept, be that as it may, that a few people are exceptionally preferred. Those individuals who, similar to the Puritans, follow God’s contract, the Bible, exactly are whom I talk about. The Bible instructs us that God cherishes the entirety of His kids, apparently â€Å"all† meaning each country, not only America without anyone else. God’s love and laws are both exceptionally supreme and clear. God rebuffs the individuals who violate his laws or who are not dedicated to Him, as a parent would their kid. On the off chance that a kid is insubordinate to his parent, there are results. A similar idea goes for God and his laws and instructions. In any case, to state God remunerates or rebuffs a country dependent all in all nation’s steadfastness is fairly convoluted without a doubt. The inquiry in itself is a Catch 22 of sorts. For instance, let’s take the prosaism situation of a group, any group, being rebuffed overall for the demonstrations of one of its individuals. Is that reasonable for do to the remainder of the group? What is the reason behind rebuffing the entire group for the mix-ups of one individual? In spite of the fact that it is sheltered to state that the individual ought to be condemned for their activities, what is the exercise for the remainder of the group? Is it to be a notice to the remainder of the group? The blameless languish over the blameworthy? That’s like stating God will destroy my entire family for my having pre-marriage sex. What might be the point in it? I am the person who has trespassed, not my family. Once more, this is a mystery in light of the fact that there is no set in stone, dark or white, straightforward answer for such a situation. This is an entirely easily proven wrong subject when talking about God’s discipline regarding countries versus a person. As an individual, one has certain obligations to God, however do we go so far to state the equivalent goes for a whole country? As an American resident, I feel a specific degree of pride with respect to what our place is â€Å"considered† to be in this world. Despite the fact that in the vision of God we are largely equivalent, different nations see us as the place where there is expectation and dreams work out. America, for quite a long time, has been an asylum for the ruined, manhandled, and dislodged individuals from all over God’s green earth. We are the most assorted nation on the planet with the entirety of our various societies, dialects, and individuals. I feel America’s mission has consistently been, somewhat or another, â€Å"America to the rescue†! We are the place where there is the free and the home of the fearless. America is the place blessings from heaven. In this spot, you can be anything you desire to be or whatever you don’t need to be. Here, one can settle on his own choices and decisions without dreading for his life or stress over indictment from an oppressive pioneer. I guess one can reason that to others and nations, yes America is uncommon somehow or another or another. America speaks to, to the exclusion of everything else, FREEDOM! John Winthrop imagined that America was great. America today may not be immaculate according to Puritans, however according to those poor starving individuals in different countries, we are that place everybody needs to be like†¦that â€Å"city upon a slope. †

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Nba Lockout Free Essays

EPPENGER, JALIL MS. HARRIS ENGLISH 10/3/11 #1. ( why the NBA Lockout hasn’t been a triumph? ) NBA LOCKOUT I feel the NBA Lockout has been one of the most exceedingly terrible, occurrences to ever occur, throughout the entire existence of the NBA. We will compose a custom exposition test on Nba Lockout or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now It hasn’t made fans upbeat and the players in the association have been disturbed as well. I’ve saw that NBA players have attempted to defeat this circumstance by having various groups, not related with the NBA to play in. This has appeared there enthusiasm and love of the game. The NBA lockout has propelled a few players and lowered a great deal of them. I saw that a great deal of players have continued trying sincerely and are keeping steady over their game all through this perplexing time. I feel the NBA lockout captivated the mid year for NBA b-ball. There was nothing to anticipate other than European ball in the late spring. The NFL had the option to beat its issues with agreements and business arrangements and end their lockout before the season began. I don’t comprehend why the NBA can’t make sense of their concern. The NBA doesn’t have almost the fan base of the NFL. The serious lack of the period will truly hurt the NBA, significantly more than the NFL. The last NBA lockout was in 1998-99 season. The year Michael Jordan resigned for the second time in his profession. It was an awful time additionally for the NBA much like this one. This likewise discolored the game of b-ball. I wouldn’t be shocked if some NBA players left the NBA to play abroad. The game abroad is increasingly arranged, tough, and expertise orientated from what I’ve seen. The NBA is increasingly about star-force and physicality. I feel a great deal of job players in the NBA would thrive all the more abroad, on the grounds that they can be allowed the chance to feature their aptitudes, and addition some acknowledgment for themselves. In general, I feel the NBA and their players’ affiliation will deal together to settle on a beneficial consent to determine this issue simply like the NFL did. it will simply require some investment expending. The most effective method to refer to Nba Lockout, Essay models

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App Reading In The Western Burbs

App Reading In The Western ‘Burbs I have been reading applications for 5 days in a row. Well, I took Thursday off (it was a holiday for MIT people). But Weds, Fri, Sat, and now Sunday. One would think Id be efficient at it by now, but Im still painfully SLOW. I was reading Matts latest entry where he talks about the 30-minute read. Actually, pretty much every reader in the office can pull off the 30-minute read, except for the new guy (thats me). My average is still about an hour per app, sometimes more. They tell me not to worry that Ill get faster with experience. I wish Matt would offer a seminar though. Hes been doing it forever and hes amazing. Hell look at files that its taken me an hour to summarize and pull out all of the meaningful stuff in 10 minutes. Plus he can do it in the middle of the Diesel Cafe. I want to be that cool. Perhaps someday I will be. In the meantime, I read applications at my house, in the middle of the woods. I used to live within walking distance of MIT, but then I got old and traded the excitement of the city for peace, quiet, and space. Often I miss living in the city, but the woods are really perfect for the two main components of my job: reading and writing. Matt, Mitra and Allison have all commented in their blogs about the recent snowfall. Heres what I saw through my window on Friday as I read your applications: #1 | #2 Cool, huh? I love it out here. And its not just about having nice things to look at the little towns west of Cambridge are filled with history and charm, and are surprisingly accessible from MIT. Just hop on the commuter rail on a Saturday or a Sunday and do some exploring (you can easily get to the commuter rail from campus via the red line just go a few stops from Kendall/MIT to Porter). Getting off campus and out of the city for an afternoon really does get rid of stress! One of my favorite towns is Concord. Walden Pond (where Thoreau lived and wrote much of his famous work) just might be my favorite place on earth in the warmer seasons you can hike swim there; in the fall, the foliage is breathtaking. Its also a great place for a date. :-) Sleepy Hollow is a cemetery in Concord where many famous authors are buried: Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, Alcott. You can rent a canoe from the South Bridge Boat House and cruise along the Concord River past the Old North Bridge (where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired), Minute Man National Historic Park, and the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Or just get some homemade ice cream and check out some 300-year-old architecture near the center of town. Okay, enough procrastination. I must return to reading apps. Hope you all are having a great weekend. -B

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Birth Order Theory in The Fishermen A Psychoanalytic Perspective - Literature Essay Samples

First acknowledged by Francis Galton in 1874, birth order remains a psychological theory within social sciences today. The theory itself states that the order of the birth of siblings establishes certain predetermined traits for each child. According to psychologist Frank Sulloway, as explained in his publication Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives, firstborns tend to be more conservative, supportive of existing authorities and â€Å"tough-minded† than their younger siblings (Freese, Powell and Steelman 208). In the course of The Fishermen, the novel by Chigozie Obioma, birth order is a clear underlying theme that influences family dynamics within the Agwu clan. How do the roles and expectations of the various Agwu brothers Ikenna, Boja, Obembe, and Benjamin, delegated according to their age, affect their relationships and personalities? A significant portion of the identity and behaviour of Benjamin Agwu throughout Fishermen can be explained through birth order theory and its evolvement pertaining to Ben throughout the novel, particularly examining the general role he plays within his family, and through interactions with his siblings, both as a younger-middle child, and when the responsibilities of an elder child are thrust upon him. Throughout most of Fishermen, nine-year-old Ben Agwu is a quiet observer of his family, and his older brothers especially. The third youngest in a family of six children, he technically occupies the position of a middle child. Ben`s familial role evolves numerous times in the course of the novel, originally introduced, however, as the youngest of the four protagonist brothers. His eldest brother, Ikenna, acts as a leader and example for the rest of his brothers. Boja, the second eldest, is presented as Ikenna’s close confidant, even though he is younger and still considered to be lower in rank: â€Å"they had a mutual respect for each other† (Obioma 43). Obembe is treated much like Ben in this brotherly hierarchy, viewed as a younger child, though he still possesses influence over Benjamin because he is older. Ben, the youngest of the four elder brothers, is hardly given say in what he does or when, and is often left to simply follow where his elder siblings lead. If as ked by Ikenna and Boja for an opinion, it is often out of obligation and his suggestions are rarely taken under serious consideration because of his comparable youth to the other males in his family. Ben narrates: â€Å"I hardly ever saw [Ikenna and Boja] argue, unlike the way they would answer my questions with an outright ‘no’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘incorrect’† (Obioma 43). A kind of â€Å"pack† mentality is prevalent, as the four brothers travel together constantly, acting based on the orders of Ikenna, whom their father has declared to be their leader. â€Å"They do whatever you do and go wherever you go. That’s to their credit, the way all of you follow each other† (Obioma 39), Eme Agwu says, summarizing the brotherhood of his sons. Together they fish, plan and execute revenge missions, and embark upon general adventures. Evidence of the influence of birth order is extremely apparent in the examination of the relationship of the Agwu brothers. Ikenna (prior to the detrimental prophecy of Abulu) exhibited several traits noted by Freese, Powell and Steelman to be characteristic of a firstborn, including academic prowess (Obioma 9), support of existing authorities (Obioma 60-61) and heightened responsibilities (Obioma 39). In contrast, Ben, who is the youngest of the Agwu sons that are able to venture independently from their parent s, relies seemingly completely upon guidance from his older brothers. Ben alludes to this when he states â€Å"I depended mostly on Obembe to help me clarify things† (Obioma 20), and puts it into practice when he struggles to understand his father’s manipulation of the term â€Å"fishermen†: â€Å"grasping for meaning, I looked at Obembe† (Obioma 37). In their article â€Å"Rebel Without a Cause or Effect: Birth Order and Social Attitudes,† Freese, Powell and Steelman conduct an overall examination of birth order theory, particularly in relation to Sulloway’s studies. Generally speaking, â€Å"laterborn† children are expected to be more liberal thinkers, achieve less academically and act less responsibly than their firstborn siblings (Freese, Powell and Steelman 209). In a study conducted on more than 3,800 scientists, however, it was established by Sulloway that laterborn scientists are two times more likely to adopt radical new ideas early on than scientists who were the eldest child. This willingness to embrace new ideas was echoed by Benjamin in his similar quick (and sometimes blind) acceptance of his brother’s schemes. An illustration of this point can be found in Ben and Obembe’s start as fishermen. â€Å"Then one day, Ikenna said to Obembe and me: ‘Follow us, and we will make you f ishermen!’—and we followed† (Obioma 12) shows the quick acceptance of the forbidden concept of fishing by Ben and Obembe, the younger of the four protagonist siblings, at the mere call of their eldest brother. The behaviour and responses of Ben and Obembe towards their older brothers display the internal drive the laterborn brothers possess to please Ikenna and Boja. In the acutely felt absence of their father, Ikenna, and Boja to a lesser extent, represent the delegated masculine authority of the Agwu household. Therefore, a certain amount of power is afforded to Ikenna and Boja, resulting in a basic internal desire expressed by both Ben and Obembe to please their older brothers. Ben particularly, as the youngest of the four, has been conditioned to naturally follow the footsteps of his elder siblings so much that it became a key component of what Sigmund Freud identified an individual’s â€Å"id†. Ben’s basic human desire for acceptance, affirmation and belonging seek fulfilment through his elder sibling relations. As the novel progresses, Ben’s world becomes increasingly tumultuous as he loses each of his elder siblings. Initially, the death of Ikenna and the simultaneous disappearance of Boja (later discovered to be a suicide) transition Ben from a position of reliance within his family to a position of influence, leaving both Benjamin and Obembe with greater responsibilities, as Obembe must assume the leadership of his kin, and Ben must become his brother’s supporter in that task. Ben describes the feeling of losing his brothers as â€Å"the feeling that a fabric awning or an umbrella under which we’d sheltered all along was torn apart, leaving me exposed† (Obioma 175). He reveals â€Å"I had never lived without my brothers I merely followed their lead I had lived with them, relied on them so much that no concrete thought ever took shape in my mind without first floating through their heads† (Obioma 272). The first time Ben truly attempts to assert himself, in fact, comes when he questions Obembe’s insistence in killing Abulu, though he does eventually concede to assist his brother in his murder plot (Obioma 200). Furthermore, when Obembe decides to flee from the consequences of his and Ben’s murder of Abulu, Ben suddenly finds himself not only in a position of greater power, but fully thrust into the role of eldest sibling. He is left to balance his own youth with the new uncertainty of setting an example for his younger siblings, and in representing his family unit. He compares himself to a fragile moth whose wings have been removed, and can â€Å"no longer fly, but crawl† (Obioma 272). Yet it is his separation of himself from Obembe, and Ben’s initiative in taking responsibility and facing the consequences for his and Obembe’s act of avengement that Ben finally assumes a position of leadership, asserting his own opinion (Obioma 270). Comparatively, a parallel to the biblical account of Cain and Abel, found in Genesis 4 can be drawn when considering the theory of birth order. Cain, as the firstborn son of Adam, was regarded with the utmost respect, evidenced by his position in caring for his family’s crops; Abel held the lesser position of tending to â€Å"flocks† (Genesis 4:2-3). When time came for presentation of offerings to the Lord, however, God favoured Abel’s offering of â€Å"fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock† over the â€Å"fruits of the soil† offered by Cain (Genesis 4:4). Traditionally, God’s utmost favour was to be awarded to the firstborn. Abel received the Lord’s blessings, however, because he brought God the best of what he had to offer (fats from his firstborn), whereas Cain brought â€Å"some fruits† to God, a considerably inferior offering, as Cain would have had access to reapings deemed more culturally important due to h is duties. The resulting inversement of the sibling hierarchy, such that Abel received the Lord’s favour undermined Cain’s authority as the elder brother and his desire for the honour this afforded him societally meant embarrassment and shame for Cain, ultimately manifesting itself in the murder of his brother. Though it was his brothers that experienced a similar parallel and not Ben himself in Fishermen, this biblical comparison illustrates the role birth order can play within sibling relations, sometimes resulting in tension. Every individual experiences the need for acceptance, affirmation, belonging and safety, among other basic human desires. A core part of a person’s id, these are instinctual inclinations that require regulation by the ego in order for any individual to function within society. Siblings share a unique bond that can satisfy this desire, though the theory of birth order often complicates these relationships as notably evidenced in the brotherly relations within Fishermen, and paralleled in the Genesis account. Benjamin Agwu’s behaviour and the evolution of his identity illustrate in part the impact and importance of birth order pertaining to his kin. This was evidenced in Ben’s role within the Agwu family and through interactions between himself and his brothers, both when he was considered among the younger of his siblings and tasked with little, and as tragic familial circumstances demanded his quick assumption of responsibilities, typical of an elder son. Though only a theory, Ben’s roles and their evolution throughout Fishermen can definitely be attributed, at least in part, to birth order, and the inherent strength of brotherly bonds that cannot be over appreciated.

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Quavyon Green . Professor Irwin . English 1113 . 2/19/2017 .

Quavyon Green Professor Irwin English 1113 2/19/2017 In The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander is about a shocking statistic. That more African American men are in correctional facilities or on probation than were enslaved in the mid 1800s before the Civil war started. She offers her perspective on the mass incarceration of African American men in the US. Taking shots at all she holds responsible for the issues. She explores the social and systematic influence of racial stereotypes and policies that support incarceration of minorities. She explains that minorities are discriminated against legally for their whole lives. By being denied employment, housing, education, and public benefits. Unable to overcome said obstacles most will†¦show more content†¦The chapter also delves into the counterproductive culture of rap and violence, in which black identity is ensnared into the stereotypical, fueling a vicious cycle of incarceration. Armstrong argues that rap operates as a contemporary iteration of the minstrel show, in which a w arped black identity is offered up for white entertainment. This entails the proliferation of negative behavior through certain media image-making which is designed to pander to a false sense of superiority among whites. Alexander concludes the chapter by offering a remedy in which embracing the person and critiquing the counterproductive behavior is salient. It could be argued though that Armstrong underplays instances of successful re-integration, thus underestimating the possible influence and efficacy of resilience and individual effort. Michelle Alexander utilizes the assumption in order to demonstrate the hidden stigmatism of racial oppression in the 21st century through mass incarceration. The absences she points out is mainly due to incarceration a fact that is generally withheld when the black community is chided over absent fathers. Commonly portrayed as an individual choice by black men. This subterfuge is achieved through a number of media based tactics unrealistic perceptions of racial progress. This tacticis through a denial system