Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Business Environment Analysis and Research - Political Trade Arguments Essay

Business Environment Analysis and Research - Political Trade Arguments - Essay Example In the following parts of the essay, first an example of stable trade and political relations has been included in which Canada and the United States’ growing trade relations have been highlighted. It is followed by the trade relations between Iran and the United States have been mentioned, highlighting the type of political relation and its fallout on the past and existing trade relations. Before the conclusion part, Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status and current standoff between India and Pakistan have been discussed besides their arguments and justifications have also been evaluated. International trade is dominated and influenced by strong international countries, such as the United States of America. It is a clear and established fact that the international trade, which is mainly run and administered by the operational framework of the World Trade Organization, between countries, regions and international independent trading partners is considerably affected by the bi-lateral relationship between the trading partners. For example, it has been observed that stable and strong bi-lateral, cultural and political relations play a very important role between the countries. Consequently, stable political relations enable them to develop and retain trade relationships as well. For example, the trade between Canada and the United States of America is considerably higher and growing as well because both countries have stable political relations whereas unfriendly political relations between the United States and Iran clearly demonstrates limited trade between these coun tries. In addition, due to the current animosity between the United States and Iran, bilateral trade between these two countries is not growing instead the United States has imposed bilateral trade restrictions and the same attitude is also reflected when Iran enters into bilateral trade agreements with other international countries

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