Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Clinical Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Clinical Psychology - Essay Example As the psychiatrist, it is necessary to initiate the talk in going back to the past negative experience of the patient. In doing so, the psychiatrist should first win the patient’s trust. Establishing ‘trust’ by being empathetic with the patient is necessary for the patient to open up his thoughts to the psychiatrist. Being empathic with the patient has to flow smoothly. It is important for the psychologist not to over do empathy since it could only lead the patient to maintain a distance with the psychiatrist. The psychiatric should carefully determine the culture of the patient. In general, culture is directly related to how the patient behaves and reacts on certain circumstances.1 For instance, as part of American culture, it is against the U.S. law for parents to physically hit any of their children. Therefore, there is a higher rate that individuals in the United States will grow up with a higher rate of speaking out their own emotional concerns. On the other hand, parents who are living in the Asian countries have a stronger hold on their children since these countries have a lesser chance of having a law stating that parents cannot physically hit their children. In fact, some parents in Asia are ‘spanking’ their children as part of disciplining them. Eventually, psychiatrist should be able to apply the psychic determinism theory since it is a fact that there will always be a reason behind how a person projects or see himself as an individual. The same theory can be applied concerning Mr. B’s negative feelings and outlook in life. In order for the psychiatrist to be successful in treating the patient, it is advisable to apply the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). By allowing the patient to participate and open up the communication line with the psychiatrist, the patient is unconsciously releasing the underlying factors that

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