Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Essay --

Freedom: the privilege for women to be just as capable as men. In 1848, the first women’s convention took place in New York, there was continues discussing about the rights that women had. For example, a popular topic was applying for a job. Most men thought that women weren’t capable of working in an office; they thought that women should stay home, look after the children, while cleaning the house. Little did men know how inconsiderate they were being, how successful women have been throughout time and how much of an impact they have made to the world. Women proved men that they can achieve anything in life if they work hard for it. A campaign for women was formed before the Civil War began; they tried forming an alliance to strike against women’s rights. In the 1919’s, women were given the advantage to vote amongst men; called the Nineteenth Amendment, their vote wouldn’t be refused. The Nineteenth Amendment was formed by Susan Anthony and accompanied with Elizabeth Stanton, established the amendment to the Senate which was passed by the congress July 4, 1919. Some women in the ...

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