Monday, September 9, 2019

Moral Views on Plastic Surgery Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Moral Views on Plastic Surgery - Assignment Example Second will be the evident willingness of surgical operators to offer layaway surgery plans that are arguably meant to help patients afford surgery while at the same time carry out illegal plastic surgery operations. Finally, this essay will explore the question of how the American pop culture as well as the different media channels have influenced personal awareness for millions of people, making them indulge into the modern ideals of attractiveness and, as a result, driving them towards having unnecessary plastic surgery. Sociocultural and religious aspects will also be explored. John Stuart Mill’s ethical theory of utilitarianism this suggests that the basis of morality is the action that one chooses to take. The ethical decision made in this regard should be focused on maximizing utility or pleasure. He states that people generally focus on the achievement of pleasure, meaning that they should engage in making decisions that are confined within the premise of utilitarianism (HAUSKELLER, 2011). In what he refers to as the greatest happiness principle, he adds that one’s action should be judged on its extent to rightness or wrongness based on the extent of pleasure or pain that it causes for the highest number of people. However, it has been argued that there are two different kinds of pleasure, which include bodily pleasure and intellectual pleasure. Intellectual pleasure should take precedence, owing to the fact that it stimulates the mind and amounts to more benefits for more people. For instance, a person that composes a good song creates p leasure for millions of people while one who listens to music creates pleasure for himself. As such, composing his of higher pleasure than listening, just like having sex to have a child than doing it for pleasure. Having discussed the ethical insights presented by Mill, a look at the

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